Friday Without Five Minutes

Well, it’s Friday, but lo and behold, there’s no Five Minutes. My Friday muse, Lisa Jo Baker, decided to go dark this week {offline} to catch up on … her sanity. If you follow her blog at all (, you know she leads a frenetic life. Sometimes, you just have to stop for a moment and let the world catch up to you.

So, there was no “prompt” this week for my five minute exercise. I decided to use the allotted time to prompt myself … BLESSED.

So, here’s the timer. START

I have to say I have been blessed through my three score plus years. I’ve witnessed some remarkable progress in the world. But, more important, I have been blessed with five children … all of whom have grown and matured wisely. {I never thought I would be saying that!} They have learned about adversity and how to handle it. They have learned how to enjoy their blessings.

And they have blessed me with 19 and soon to be 20 grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. I cherish each and every one of them. My only regret is they are scattered nearly 2,000 miles apart in four different states. Seeing them is a challenge, but when I get the chance I jump at it.

Last weekend was one of those opportunities. I witnessed great-granddaughter Addison Faith Kohlhofer’s dedication at Mainstreet Church in Walbridge, OH. It was a simple ceremony, but profound in the sense another … STOPaddison dedication

… soul was committed to the Lord. I know He accepted her with open arms. I pray for her — and all my family — every day.

Addison is so petite, but has become so much more alert in just the four months since I last saw her. Whether she knows it or not, she has people wrapped around her little finger — especially the males in her young life. It was just a joy — an unexplainable joy — to be with her, my daughter, son-in-law, three grandsons and granddaughter-in-law to be.

me and addisonLord, I thank you for these gifts. Give my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the same strength and wisdom You blessed Karen and I with. May they remember we are all responsible to raise each other as Your special children, with potential and possibilities way beyond our belief. We are not perfect, but we are forgiven. Above all, let us remember whose children we are … Yours. May these newest blessings grow as a reflection of the One who made them all the days of their lives.

I have been BLESSED!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Even a broken clock is right two times a day.

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1 Response to Friday Without Five Minutes

  1. Maryanne says:

    What a beautiful little baby!! God bless!

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