Five Minute Friday — Writer

Well, it’s Friday. Time to join the hundreds over at Lisa Jo’s place for a Friday free for all writing frenzy.

You remember, each Friday we congregate at Lisa Jo’s place ( to throw in our two cents worth on a specific prompt word for the day. The only rule — keep it to five minutes {or so} and write because we love words and the relief it is to just write them without worrying if they’re just right or not. The joy is in the process no matter how messy the result.

This week’s word du jour is WRITER in honor of Lisa Jo’s foray into publishing {Surprised by Motherhood}. The timer is set and off we GO

We are all writers. Everyone who as ever jotted down a thought in diary, journal or more formally on paper {okay, screen} is a writer. Yes, even essays in school count.

Oh, we’re not all good writers, but the basic premise is writing means putting those thoughts down to be remembered or captured. Some people just jot down thoughts without structure; other are more formal with syntax and proper spelling and punctuation. Some write poetry, others prose. Some write fiction; other very personal stories.

The point is, we all write … something.

A true writer, however, is more polished. They bring their thoughts out AND their readers in. The reader becomes involved in the emotion of the writer’s thoughts and feelings, regardless of genre or writing style.

That my friends, is the tricky part. Take, for example, the sentence “Lisa got into her car.” It makes a statement, but contrast that with the thought, “Lisa adjusted … STOP

… her straw bonnet and she slid behind the wheel of her yellow VW Bug. Slowly, she retracted the convertible top, stretched, turned the ignition and was ready to take off on another adventure.”

We involved the reader in the premise of the story line. Hopefully, your mind’s eye could “picture” Lisa. In just a few extra words, we discovered what kind of car it was, which opened our imagination into what kind of personality Lisa had. We found out why she was in the car and that begged the question where she was heading.

Hmm, now that I think about it, that opening line might work if we decide to write another Wednesday Writing series. What do you think? Should we give it a whirl?

To understand what Wednesday Writing is all about, visit To see where it ended up 24 weeks later, visit

As always, that five minutes went fast and needed a little boost!

That’s what popped into this pea brain this week. Pop over to Lisa Jo’s place to see what the others came up with.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You can’t make some else’s choices. You shouldn’t let someone else make yours.

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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Writer

  1. Shandra says:

    Great information here ! Thanks so much #fmf

  2. kellysshining says:

    Thank you for sharing your writer’s thoughts. I see writing very much as direction. If you don’t show me, I’ll provide it myself. First Lisa was exactly of my own creation. The vehicle as well was quickly springing forth from my own mind, but then you, the writer took over and Lisa began to take on a new flesh. Loved it! This is my first #FMF visit to your site (not hard, it is only my second foray into this lovely exercise). Thank you.

    • Glad you decided to join the FMF party. There some talented writers there … including yourself (Yes, I checked it out). Thank you for the kind words about “taking over” as a the writer. They were special to me. Have a great weekend!

  3. Lisa M says:

    I’m going to use this post with my daughter this week – she has reached that point in middle school language arts where an exercise like this (especially reading it from someone who is NOT her mother) would help her understand the power and fun behind writing!

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