Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Robin

I saw my first robin of spring yesterday. Of course I was 80 miles south in Towanda, PA, at the time, but, hey, it was my first robin. Since friends a little closer to home have claimed to have seen the elusive recluse already, I’ll take it.

late winter springTo be fair, rockin’ robin was jumping up and down on the frozen tundra of the Endless Mountains. I figured he/she must have been hopping around so its little footsies wouldn’t freeze to the turf. After all, it was sunny and 24 degrees … a fact I was reminded of just a few yards later when I saw an errant fall leaf skipping along a still frozen pond.

So, now that the robin is back, spring can officially begin. And I’m ready for it.

It’s not that I don’t like winter — or even this bitterly cold winter. I do. I would love to see the first snowfall in mid-November with daily doses of one to two inches through the end of February and a few real storms thrown in — especially around Christmas. THAT’s ideal winter weather!

But I also appreciate all four seasons, which includes spring, summer and fall. I love the newness of watching plants, grass and trees come alive {except for the allergies} in the spring. It brings new hopes, baseball and sun to the landscape. I enjoy summer breezes, long days, barbecues and increased activity in summer. I enjoy the color, crispness in the air and return of football during fall. And then we get back to winter with layered clothing, long stretches of whiteness and holidays.

It’s quite a cycle.

What I don’t like is overlapping seasons … you know when winter isn’t quite ready to leave {or spring is hesitant to arrive}, when summers resemble the up and down temperature fluctuations of spring and fall.

I know many of you have been whining about the frigid winter temperatures. I just want to be the first to remind you those 100 degree, 100% humidity days always seem to show up. Just saying.

So, welcome Mr. and Mrs. Robin, wherever you are. Here’s to spring … April showers … and May flowers.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Bitterness is a terrible bondage.

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