A Drink of Water

As I’ve mentioned before, I send weekly Words for the Week to family and friends. They are just small snippets of encouragement. I don’t blast the e-mails. I send them separately as a reminder to specifically take the time to pray for them … which I do.

A couple of weeks ago, I included a story from Acts International. Before I sent it, I thought something was missing. Then a couple of friends asked if I had forgotten the final lines.

So, I thought I would re-work it … or at least wrap it up. I’ve included the original work. I’ll break in at the ellipsis. I hope you approve the addition.

A Drink of Water

“Daddy, what can I do for you?” asked the small boy, overjoyed when his father returned home after a long trip overseas.

“You can get me a glass of water,” answered his dad.

The little fellow rushed across the room, poured some water into a glass on the table, spilling some as he did. Then he grabbed the glass and carried it to his father, holding it with his two muddy fingers inside the rim of the glass. When his father took it from him, two dirty little streams were trickling down the inside of the glass. The father turned the glass around and drank every drop of water while his son stood there rubbing his hands on his t-shirt saying, “Daddy, what else can I do for you?” …

Dad thought for a moment and said, “Nothing. Thank you. That water sure hit the spot.”

The little boy’s smile started to wane as he turned around to leave his dad to his work. Dad noticed the change in his son’s demeanor and immediately called out, “Son! Wait. There is something you can do. Come here and give me a great big hug! I’ve missed them so much.”

The boy spun around, his exuberant smile returning to his small face. Dirty hands and all, he rushed into his dad’s open arms and gave him a big hug. And dad savored that moment.

It’s not the dirty hands or the muddy water that made the scene. It was the love and encouragement.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Second thoughts are always wiser.

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2 Responses to A Drink of Water

  1. Faith Walk says:

    I agree! Follow through on those second thoughts!

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