Let’s Talk About Sex

Wow. That got your attention.

Actually, I’m not writing about sex, just alluding to it and, as they say at the Chicken Ranch, “There’s nothing dirty going on.”

First, a preface to set the stage. Usually, when I’m driving, I unlock my mind and let it wander along the countryside {all the while being very careful and attentive to the road, mind you}. I never know where it’s going. It literally grazes free range style.

Yesterday on my way back from the printer’s in Pennsylvania, my mind focused on flannel. Why? Who knows! My mind does that sometime, sort of like the questions posed in the New York Lottery commercials.

Well, flannel migrated to my wife. Why? Who knows! See above.

That morphed into her sleeping — and pre-sleeping — attire. Why? Who knows! But it brought back many pleasant memories.

I thought I would keep them to myself, but last night, during the Detroit auditions on American Idol, what was Jennifer Lopez wearing? A flannel shirt/dress! It had to be a sign!

Over the years, Christmas presents I gave Karen always included bedtime attire. In fact, after a couple of years, she referred to the gift as my gift to myself. I had gotten her all sorts of nightwear over the years — from peignoir sets to satin gowns to baby dolls to teddies to negligees to lingerie to chemises to camisoles to kimonos to satin PJs. And she looked beautiful in each and every one of them.

I think she appreciated them over the years and kept most of them in her “special” drawer … except for one high cut red and black teddy she told me was the most uncomfortable thing she ever wore. Of course, my response was, “So, take it off.”

Of course my mind conjured up not only those pleasant memories but the whole lovemaking experience as well. It was never about the sex … it was always about the anticipation and what I liked to refer to as the day of foreplay.

Spontaneous sex is always enjoyable — and I could share a number of those, but I won’t — but what made intimate encounters so special were the little things that led up to it. The way the table was set. The food that was served. The touch. The brush. The music. The candles. The early shower {if Karen went up early to get a shower, I knew I still had about an hour or hour and a half to finish watching TV}. Her hair. Her makeup. Her tone. Her come hither call. And the list goes on …

But I digress from the original point.

One Christmas I gave Karen a flannel nightgown. She gave me a quizzical look. “Flannel?” she asked. “Is the romance dead?”

No, I assured her. She looks very sexy in flannel. I mean, she often wore my flannel shirts to bed and they not only warmed her, but me as well. I love the feel of soft flannel. I love the look of flannel. I love the smell of flannel … especially right out of the dryer and resting on my wife’s shoulders.

Karen was comfortable in the silk and satin and flannel and my old ratty, torn t-shirts. And we had soooo many memories. Way to go, mind!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Of all the thinks you wear, your facial expression is the most important.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. I love your intimate transparency here. Beautiful words.


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