I’ve been putting this off, but it’s time to say “thank you” to two of my fellow bloggers for nominating me for awards.

sunshine-awardIt’s not that I am not appreciative. To the contrary, I do appreciate the accolades. I just don’t know I am worthy of the awards.

So I hereby humbly — humbly — acknowledge Chronicles of a Public Transit User for considering me — back on Oct. 5 — for both the Sunshine Award and Reader Appreciation Award. That was followed Dec. 16 by the gift of the Most Uplifting Blogger Award from DAF at dearanonymousfriend.

reader-app-award_thumb-1The Sunshine Award rules call for sharing 10 bits of information about myself. I think you know most of my character and life, so if some of it is repetitious, please forgive me. I am 66, widowed, the father of five, grandfather to 17 and great-grandfather to one and another expected tomorrow. {Is that five things?} I own my own community newspaper in upstate New York. Politically, I am an Independent, although I tend to be somewhat right of center with a strong sense of faith and family. I love to travel and don’t need a second invitation to take a road trip. I enjoy most sports and football is my favorite — Go Pack! You will almost always hear music in my life and you never know what genre you’ll hear. I don’t like all music — jazz, opera, hip-hop and rap come to mind — but I think I have a melodic palate that includes Christian to Adult Contemporary, Southern Gospel to Oldies/Classics, Country to Classical. My writing style is eclectic in the sense I don’t have a particular theme or agenda, but rather comment on whatever trips my trigger at the moment. Writing about my wife and her influence gives me the greatest joy. We’ll call that 10.

most-uplifting-blogger-award1The Most Uplifting Blogger Award calls for sharing seven things I am thankful for. In no particular order, I am thankful for my family and all they have taught me; my wife, who, although gone much too soon, was a 40 year helpmate and soulmate and muse; the journey I’ve taken, with all its twists, turns, ups and downs; for being blessed to live in the United States; for all the freedoms we enjoy; my friends — long time, new and online; and my faith. which has been a constant in an evolving journey.

And all three awards ask for a list of blogs followed … Most Uplifting Blogger, seven; Sunshine, 10; and Reader Appreciation, 15. Here they are:

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Smiles are like colds – they’re catching.

About wisdomfromafather

I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Awards

  1. You do deserve the awards and this was a great acknowledgement. Thank you for the shout out. Love reading your blog, thanks. Congratulations. DAF


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