There’s a new vehicle in the driveway … and my little red truck’s grille is a little out of joint.

IMAG0213First, a little background. I love tooling hither and yon in my little red truck … but it is a small, two-wheel drive Ford Ranger. It does have a standard transmission, which helps keep some semblance of control, but this is upstate New York and winters can be … well, unpredictable.

Even though I have used Red for winter forays, it really isn’t designed for wintry weather. Sure, there was the time we made it through a blizzard picking up papers north of the Thruway (the sun was shining and the pavement bare when I left the office). She was comfortable on the snow-packed back roads in Maine. And we were able to navigate through a slalom course on Route 95 in New Hampshire. No, Red wasn’t afraid of the snow, but it was challenging.

The first year I had her, she was my transportation so we made it work. But with the prospect of moving to Maine {still going to happen some day, but hasn’t yet}, I opted for a more winter-friendly Subaru Outback and for the last four years, Su was my winter vehicle of choice. And Red was good with that.

But I sold Su to my daughter, leaving me with Red. During the summer and fall, that wasn’t a problem. Red loved the weekly roller coaster ride up and down the hills {going down more than going up} of the Southern Tier and Pennsylvania as we picked up our newspapers.

But I knew the practical thing was to look for a more practical winter mode of transportation. So I kept my eye out for something with at least four wheel or all wheel drive.

IMAG0346Enter Jimmy … a  sleek black 2001 GMC Jimmy. It had a lot of miles on it {a location byproduct where the closest real grocery store — and just about everything else — is 20 miles away or better}. But it purred like a kitten and it was amazingly clean. So I took a chance.

Thus far, it’s been a good investment. I’ve had it for about a month and Jimmy and I have put on a couple of thousand miles, most coming on a trip last weekend to meet my great-granddaughter and reconnect with other family and friends. While I was able to navigate around Winter Storm Electra — got to Illinois ahead of it and back home after it — I did have to get through Erie, PA. Jimmy slugged through the steady snow without a hiccup. In his four wheel mode, he was ready, willing and able to forge his own tracks in the falling snow.

But, back to Red. She wasn’t happy with this interloper sitting next to her. In fact, she was downright angry … to the point a couple of days after Jimmy’s arrival, when I went out to assure her she was still a big part of my driving life, she wouldn’t turn over. There was no spark from the battery … not even a waning rrrurrrurrr. Dead. Like a doornail.

So I dutifully went out and bought her a new battery. After installing it, I sat behind the wheel and reasoned with her. I still love her. I still need her. She’s still important to me. I was only trying to protect her, reminding her of the tail light incident when my daughter slid into a guardrail.

And I turned the key to a full dash of lights and a welcomed vroooom.

So it appears all is good. I do try to alternate modes of transportation, and Red seems content sitting under a warm blanket of snow.

But, in retrospect, you have to wonder who reasons with a truck?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Remember, nothing dries faster than a tear.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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7 Responses to Jimmy

  1. pilatesong says:

    I especially love your thought that nothing dries faster than a tear. I am fairly sure that Red had a few of her own tears, then stubbornly stopped you in your tracks of her tears just long enough for you to give her some reflection. That reflection resulted in a light-hearted and heart-warming post. I’m pulling for Red, but certainly understand that variety is the spice of life, and a transportation necessity in your colder climate.Well put!


  2. Haha… I love your sense of humor.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Wow. Sounds like you’re keeping busy, trying to let go of the past and making the most of your situation … including life in Lehigh Valley. There is nothing wrong with free or inexpensive events. We have our share around here, especially in Ithaca. When you least expect it, the right job and the right relationship will pop up. Just hang in there. Christmas is the season of miracles. You have to believe! Hope your Christmas and the entire holiday season is blessed. Keep in touch.


  4. TamrahJo says:

    I reason with my truck – so there are at least two of us! My truck tried to let me know of her battery life going – – but I, busy in my new employment, ignored the signs and she, upset at my lack of attention, wouldn’t give me anything but a click-click-click – – but even with her auto transmission and 2 wheel drive and shabby tires, (which she’s been asking just when she can go out dressed to the nines once more), has made her point, time and time again and always with compassion – she’s never gotten stuck but in my own driveway – – – she’s never refused to start but in my own driveway or the parking lot where I had friends and a mechanic nearby – – she gently lets me know when something is wrong, but never informs me in the middle of nowhere – I figure she loves me as much as I love her! LOL


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