Wait for Christmas Rudolph

I don’t think I’m a Scrooge and I don’t think I’m related to the Grinch. But there is one aspect about this Christmas season that causes me pause. Christmas music.

I love the season. I love the lights. I love the movies — both the classics and the new made-for-TV fare. I love the anticipation and wonder in the youngun’s eyes. And I really get into the mood when the weather gets crisp with wisps of the white stuff in the air. I’m not usually fazed by holiday shopping or crowds … although, admittedly, I don’t do it often and I when I do, it’s usually during a blizzard or because I procrastinated. Let’s face it, snow storms and Christmas Eve day crowds are significantly thinned.

But I am getting tired of listening to Christmas music. Heck, it’s been around for about a month now … almost non-stop. I love Burl Ives version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, but if I hear it one more time today(!) I literally am going to scream. Many stations went to non-stop Christmas music programming before Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter what genre … country, Christian, contemporary. It’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.

I don’t mind easing into the season. You know, regular radio programming interspersed with a Christmas song here or there, gradually increasing as we get closer to the big day. But we went from nothing to all Christmas well before Thanksgiving. And this year, it’s really been grating on my nerves.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Keep your chin up when in trouble. It keeps your mouth closed.

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12 Responses to Wait for Christmas Rudolph

  1. Deanna says:

    I really did get all of your genes!

  2. I usually have it playing all day long, but, hubby is home, just having had surgery and alas… the way you feel about Christmas music is the way I am feeling about shoot ’em up movies… if I see one more cop show or cop movie, I am going to scream!!! Great post….

  3. randee says:

    Turn to a news station maybe?

  4. Joe, I’m with you. I don’t normally listen to mainstream radio much these days. I like music I’ve put on my mobile and Google Music. I can pick and choose what I listen to. Last night we went on a holiday lights cruise through a local harbor. They played a mixture of music, which balanced things out.

    • I actually was listening to I Heart Radio and Radio Pup on line and kept bouncing from one station to another. Never thought about Google, Yahoo or Pandora choices. Thanks and have a blessed Christmas!

  5. TamrahJo says:

    If we all conspire to overindulge and spend outrageous amounts on Valentines Day, the industry will respond and we can cut out the Christmas music a week or two beforehand – – they’ll play non-stop sappy, syrupy songs for the great Love Fest in February – –

    Oh, but wait, isn’t Christmas about love? – – Never mind – thought I had an awesome idea….


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