Was That Karen?

I belong to a Facebook group, You know you lived in Paterson, NJ in the 50’s & 60’s. A couple of months ago, Hedy Weston posted this picture … and my jaw dropped. The girl in front to the far left looked awfully familiar.


I saved the picture and tried to enhance it a bit and I can’t be sure but it certainly looks a lot like my Karen and the time and circumstances fit into line.

I do remember her telling me she saw West Side Story at the Fabian. Looking at some old photos from around 1962 showed her with a similar hairstyle and this girl had her facial features. The only reservation I have is the girl looks a little older than the 15 or 16 she would have been at the time. I don’t recognize anyone else although we never traveled in the same circle until 1965.

Is it Karen?

I don’t know and I probably never will. But, wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Quite often you can prove your command of the language by saying nothing.

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2 Responses to Was That Karen?

  1. Randee says:

    Neat to come across this and think about it.

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