Things That Matter — Candlelight

Just before Karen died, she had been reading a book she received as a gift from JoAnn {don’t know who that is} by Rodale Press for Hallmark. It was actually for both of us, but Karen was the reader in the family.

The book was 50 things that really matter.  She didn’t get through all 50 … her last chapter was 32.

This book celebrates 50 of the simple things that really do matter in life. Within its pages are first person stories about the value of conversing over a good cup of coffee, the importance of hugs, the courage of living a simple life, the wisdom in a street musician’s words, the peace and relaxation in watching a candle flame.

I’m going to share some of these stories — the first person stories followed by my two cents worth — to encourage you, enlighten you and enrich your soul. But, most of all, I hope they may inspire you to see the real value in life.

This is the latest excerpt from 50 things that really matter.

The next time you light a candle to brighten a room, take a few minutes to gaze into its flame. As it dances and flickers, put yourself inside that flame.

It has a life and spirit of its own, just as we all do. Like the flame, we each expel a warmth. The hottest part of a candle’s flame is the part nearest the wick, where the light glows blue. Like that flame, we too may have a blueness inside us. But remember, we have a similar radiance, with the capacity to warm our surroundings and brighten any room we enter.
By Jennifer Kushnier, 50 things that really matter, Rodale Press for Hallmark

The short story didn’t go where I thought the title suggested. It was all true, of course, but I felt it could have been embellished a bit to give the message some resonance.

So that’s what I am going to do.

The candle is a utilitarian tool. It gives light. Enough of them will give warmth. It sets a mood. It can calm. It can also burn.

As Jennifer suggests, we are “candles”. We can give light. We can give warmth. We can set a mood … good or bad. We can calm. We can burn.

What’s your inner “candle” like? Do we warm our surroundings and brighten any room we enter? Or do we flicker and burn low? Are we inviting or destructive?

It all comes down to how we shine.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Things That Matter — Candlelight

  1. geanieroake says:

    Wow, so many ways to go with this. I love all your different ideas. Do we hide our light or let it shine? There’s a lot of good food for thought here.

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