Five Minute Friday — Worship

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. You might remember the task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word. The initiative was started by Lisa-Jo Baker ( who thought about writing and how often our perfectionism gets in the way of our words. And she figured, why not take five minutes and see what comes out — not a perfect post, not a profound post, just five minutes of focused writing. There’s no extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Every Friday for three years {this is my first full year} hundreds of people have joined a kind of writing flash mob she hosts at her blog. I’m proud to be one of the hundreds of bloggers who take part each week and look forward to reading what others write. It’s always a treat reading different interpretations on a common word.

This week’s prompt is WORSHIP.

Here goes. The timer is set for five minutes {clock starts now}

There are some who believe worship is restricted to cathedrals and highlighted by stained glass. I’m not one of them.

Worship is everywhere … the blade of grass … the rose bloom … the wayward corn stalk … the night sky … a cool breeze … the snow-peaked mountain top in the middle of summer … new fallen snow … a baby’s smile … a dog’s tail wagging … a hummingbird … sand in your toes … watching the ocean ebb and flow … taking in any sight or sound that reminds us how ordered this life around us actually is.

Of course, worship is not only a religious experience. There are those of us who worship things without thought of their importance … things like money, cars, ambition, houses, vacations. They can rob us of a higher focus.

I can be comfortable in a cathedral or a small country church as a communal worship, but I personally feel closer to my God when I look at the ordinary things of life and … STOP

… recognize who authored it.

Well, that’s it for another week. How would you define worship?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Keep the old as long as it is good and take the new as soon as it is better.


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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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3 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Worship

  1. Great thoughts here Joe! I love the images you shared about worship being everywhere!

  2. Colline says:

    That is the best kind of worship,isn’t it? The kind that acknowledges our Creator and the wonderful work that He did.

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