I’m great

I’m great.

No, no. That’s “great” as in the adjective, not the noun. As a noun I am not great, but as an adjective, I graduated from father to grandfather and now great-grandfather!

Welcome to the world Payton Amaya Schultz!Download_2013-07-269521_29_34

Princess Payton made her debut at 9:03 p.m. Friday night at a petite 6.7 pounds and 19 inches of perfection. She and Mom Shay are doing well at Bowling Green (KY) Medical Center, after only about two hours of active labor. Grandma Nichole and Grandpa Joe are excited . And Great-Grandpa Joe can’t wait to meet her up close and personal. Four generations … Wow. Who would have thunk!

I’m not sure I’m ready for the “great” part. I always envisioned great-grandparents as, well, old. I suppose I am old but I don’t feel “great” old, just “grand” old.

But it marks another season in my life, my very blessed life. I’ve managed to grow up {okay, maybe in years, anyway} and watch my children and grandchildren grow up. Hopefully, I’ll get to witness at least some of my great-grandchildren’s lives … and still remember and appreciate it.

I think it’s amazing. I was an only child and Karen only had one sister. Yet, we brought five souls into the world, and they have added 17 more. Payton is the first of the next generation, but great-grandchild No. 2 is due in January. My only regret is Karen isn’t here to experience this with me.

I wonder — not worry about — what kind of world they will grow up in. From my perspective, things look a little scary, but the changes I had to adjust to have become routine for subsequent generations. Will technology be a friend? Will science rid the world of disease? Will respect and civility return?

I don’t know. All I can do is pray for them — as I do for their parents and their parents’ parents. It’s a simple prayer. Lord, keep them close.

To Payton I utter the same prayer I prayed so many times over the years. Lord, I thank you for this gift. Give my grandchildren the same strength and wisdom You blessed me and my children with to raise her as Your special child, with potential and possibilities way beyond their belief. They will not be perfect and neither were we. She will not be perfect and neither were we. But, let us all remember whose child she is … Yours. May Payton grow as a reflection of the One who made her all the days of her life.

In the meantime, I’m already planning my Kentucky trip. Keep you posed!

 THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: When in doubt, do the friendliest thing.

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  1. gpcox says:

    CONGRATS! I wish everyone the best the world has to offer.


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