Dear Girl Mom

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter Dee literally pushed me into the world of blogging. And it’s her words that often inspire me to share my words.

A case in point. Yesterday, she posted the following at I would have just re-blogged it from there but, well, I couldn’t figure out how. So here it is. While you can read the post here, you can also go to her site for more jewels.


I am so thankful God saw fit to make me a mom of boys. I have come to discover the reality that I wouldn’t know how to handle a girl. Sure, it would be cute and fun to dress them up when they are little and do their hair all pretty with bows and ribbons to match every outfit. But that all ends. When they grow up, they get needy and bossy and emotional and…I can’t handle it. There is no drama with boys. You get what you see and I like it that way. Yes, I am bragging. I will take loud, rambunctious, rough-housing, fart-loving boys any day!

One thing I love about my fun-loving boys is their sense of adventure and love of water. They can’t get enough of swimming pools and it is cheap, fun, summer entertainment! I have to admit that being near water sort of scares me simply because I’m not really a strong swimmer. Heck, I don’t think I would even say I am a swimmer. But even more disturbing than the thought of drowning is the attire at the pool.


Yesterday I was particularly aware of my surroundings as my son stared at a complete stranger. More specifically, he stared at the boobs of a complete stranger because they were both tattooed with names. You see, he is into reading things these days – apparently anything and everything – and he was perplexed as he tried to read what was written on her skin. Lucky for me, I got his attention before he asked her about it. I tried to avert his eyes elsewhere, but everywhere we turned there were bad things popping out, quite literally. I had to think quick, so I asked him to show me his cannonball (aka: haphazardly jump into the pool). Yet another reason I love boys – they are easily distracted and can be kept busy for hours doing the seemingly silliest things.

What happened to modesty?

Maybe I am too conservative. Or too self-conscience. Or old-fashioned. Am I old enough to be old fashioned? I don’t know. But I do know that we live in a world that is lacking modesty. Just go to your local pool or beach if you need some convincing.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent wishing and praying for girl moms everywhere. I don’t envy you. I go to the store and grab the first pair of jeans and tees I see for my kids. You have to spend hours shopping. Some of you may enjoy that…I wouldn’t. And the questionable things being sold…wow! What happened when I blinked? Suddenly, short shorts and skirts, revealing tops, see through dresses, and the small pieces of fabric that are considered to be bathing suits are the norm – but they are not sending appropriate messages.

You know what we need?

♥ We need more moms and grandmas to cover up. Seriously. We are the example for our kids – and the kids of everyone else watching. We set the standard, and quite frankly, the standard is set pretty low right now. Let’s show the girls what it means to cover up. Flesh should not hang out. That is just gross.

♥ We need more teens to make a move – against the culture. To opt for a one piece instead of the bikini that will tempt the eyes of, well, any boy passing by.

♥ Speaking of tempted eyes, we need dads and grandpas everywhere to help us out. Girls need to hear your words of affirmation. They need you to teach them what it means to be respected. They need your positive attention so they are not seeking it in other, unhealthy ways – at the pool, at school, or just walking down the street. It’s about self-esteem and self-respect guys, and women need your help. Why? See the next point…

♥ When girls have a healthy self-esteem and self-respect, they are more likely to find their inner beauty. To stop relying on what Hollywood deems as beautiful. Tan bodies and skimpy suits do not equal beauty. They equal skin cancer and wrinkles. Yuck!

I know I am on a little soap box here, but I think it is time for women everywhere to stand up with me. To take a deep breath and toss the three sizes too small bikini in the trash. And to start a new trend for the next generation. My boys have to look at your girls. I’d much rather them fall in love with a modest woman who knows her worth as a child of God. Anyone agree?

There you go. Respond to her or me with your thoughts.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: No one has yet invented a good substitute for good nature.

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