A Child’s Mind

My daughter, grandson (5), granddaughter (8) and I headed to Massachusetts over the Fourth weekend to visit with my middle son, his wife and three boys (10, 6 and five months). It was an interesting trip with the heat and humidity, but it was rewarding as well. The kids played well together — expanding their imaginations in unique ways. They got to run through the sprinkler and we all went cherry picking and on a nature walk {although I begged off since the walk was through a chasm along a rock-jutted path}. We got to listen to middle son lead music worship at Sunday services and we enjoyed good meals, plenty of conversation and watermelon and ice cream.

But it was the kids’ imaginations that stuck with me. My granddaughter quickly figured out a timed pout or her batted big eyes could sway decisions with her all male cousins. The five and six year olds were content playing with Transformers, with the six year old not shy about improvising. To him, there is no such thing as a broken toy … only an opportunity to recycle through his imagination into a new toy. Of course, he broke most of the toys. I guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

But the biggest surprise was the ride home. I made sure there was a head count before we left and the three Massachusetts boys were safely under mom and dad’s wing. Yet, just as we were approaching the New York line, the two urchins in the back multiplied into four. Lily and Corey joined the ride.

Lily and Corey?

Apparently they were imaginary friends for Karly and Gavin. Which one showed up first remains a mystery, but all of a sudden, the conversation included the four of them — Lily and Corey from their spots in imaginary boxes next to Karly and Gavin.

For more than an hour, Lily and Corey conversed and interacted with just a little bit of help from their real life friends.

It seems both were boxers, so there was banter about training and fights. I think Lily was a bit smitten with Corey since she would go to his training and his bouts. The piece de resistance, though, was when Kar … I mean, Lily lifted her hand. When asked what she had, she explained it was a paper towel {honest} and when asked what it was for answered, “To clean off the blood and sweat between Corey’s rounds.”

The trip also featured Gavin counting to 100 … about a 100 times! Of course, Karly had to join in so it was in stereo. And she came up with the idea of counting to 100 by 10s … which Gavin quickly learned.

Then there was the conversation when it started to rain — all the way from Albany to Syracuse. Gavin said God must be sad and crying. And as the rain started coming down harder and harder, Karly added, “He must be really sad!”

Of course that changed to choruses of “It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring.”

And there was the alphabet song … and the number song {my favorite, “Make an S and close the gate. Make an S and close the gate. Make an S and close the gate. And that’s how you make the number eight. Whoo!”} … and the days of the week to the tune of the Adams Family theme.

It was all so entertaining. How often do you get to witness the miracle of children’s minds?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Look for the best in others – you’ll always find something good.

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