I’m Getting Old

It’s official. I am getting old.

My youngest son was pulled over last night. Apparently, around 11 p.m. he decided he needed a soda so he drove over to the convenience store. A county deputy was parked across the street and noticed he was in his slippers {don’t what difference that makes. I’ve seen drivers with no shoes, flip flops and even pieces of cardboard with a string around the toe aka sandals} and appeared to be staggering as he left the store. So, as soon as he reached the road, the lights came on.

Now, he wasn’t drinking and his stagger is the result of a gimpy gait from a pair of back surgeries. He said he tried explaining his shoes were muddy and he left them outside in the rain (hence the slippers) and the surgeries (the limp) to the officer, who allegedly said “I don’t care” as he headed back to the patrol car for the routine license/registration check. He came back and gave him a “warning” about driving with slippers {see above}.

His wife reacted by saying, “He was bitching worse than an old lady who lost at bingo” and his sympathetic sister — amid laughter — told him, “I think it’s time you start sending Monica to get soda!” Monica  responded, “Nah, I like the entertainment!”

Jay is a gendarme magnet. If it wears a uniform, he will be stopped. If the officer is in a vehicle with bubble lights, they will go off.

Just in the past few months, he was stopped because a spotter called ahead the guy in the van is on his cell phone. Of course there were a number of vans on the highway and there wasn’t a cell phone anywhere in his vehicle.

Then, on a trip to Ohio, a Buckeye local cop pulled him over around three in the morning. He said he told the officer he was keeping up with traffic and was, in fact, passed by other cars as the speed limit dropped from 55 to 35. The officer’s response {verified by his sister} was, “Yeah, but you had out of state plates.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, a local constable made an abrupt U-turn with his lights on. Apparently, he thought the passenger in Jay’s van was not wearing his seat belt. The only problem was the “passenger” was his pet boxer Buster!

But back to my take. When I asked Jay who stopped him, he replied, “Some young little !@#$. He didn’t even look like he was old enough to drink …”

I had to laugh. My 31 year old baby was calling some one else a baby! Then, I thought about it. My 31 year old baby was calling some one else a baby. How old am I?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A hug is a handshake from the heart.

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4 Responses to I’m Getting Old

  1. Read this a couple of days ago and wasn’t able to comment then…I have grown children, as well. The youngest of my three children just turned 27, so I can relate to that last thought. No matter how old they are, we never stop being parents.


  2. Teeny Bikini says:

    Aww… I love this. I once got stopped for driving too *slow.* I was driving too slow because I was on a hill that was covered with *ice* and I didn’t want to die that day. Copper didn’t care…

    Just for the record, I am getting old too 🙂 I just wanna do it with style…


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