Random Thoughts

As I re-read my post on Feet, I realized it should have been just a random thought. I have a few of them … nothing earth shattering to share, just some observations.

First, I saw a commercial the other day that piqued my interest. In it a little boy is waving his hand out the window of a BMW. You’ve done it. I know I’ve done it … many, many times. You sort of reach out and let the wind and draft take your hand up, up and away as you adjust the lift with resistance and careful cupping or opening your fingers. I still do it on hot days.

Who would have thought it was dangerous?

Well, someone at BMW did. A disclaimer pops up on the bottom of the screen. “Sticking your hand out the window is dangerous. Caution children not to engage in this activity.”

I guess it falls into the “hot coffee may be hot” category …

I also recently finished my exegetical study of Jeremiah. I can’t say it was an uplifting walk through the Word. I’m not a  particular fan of the prophets — either of old or of today. But it was an exercise in obedience and perseverance. Jeremiah had a long-enduring, very close relationship with his Creator. Over time he learned to trust God {hint, hint}.

The biggest lesson of Jeremiah is the realization God is listening all the time and what we have is really all we need. His words suggest even today we cannot live proper and fulfilling lives without the continual guidance of Almighty God.

Jeremiah’s day is reminiscent of our own modern age. We, too, live in a period of unusual tension and international anxiety. In Jeremiah’s day, the time finally came when the Creator chose to judge the nation of Judah for its many sins. Today, has that time come again?

Finally, I came up with a name for our short story.

If you remember, I started with a simple paragraph and promised to continue it with input from readers. It affectionately was known as Wednesday Writing.

I had no expectations about where the story would go. In fact, I didn’t even have a storyboard or outline. Would it end up being a mystery? A romance? A comedy? A drama? A slice of life? Inspiration?

I think it ended up being a little bit of all of the above, heavier in romance and drama. As it evolved, I like to think it ended up being an inspiration and it showed redemption and reconciliation. Along the way, I hope we offered some twists and turns to keep it interesting and readable.

At any rate, I decided to title the story Heaven Shining Through and will repost it under its new name some time this week. It is long — 15,131 words. When it is posted, I sure would appreciate some feedback.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Regatta:  sails meeting.

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3 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. sunnym3 says:

    Great choice for the title!


  2. sunnym3 says:

    The story is very readable and engaging. True, more drama than humor. Sometimes drama is fun. And this definitely turned out to be inspirational as well.


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