Mind of a Cow

I was engaged in a rite of spring/summer the other day … construction. As I sat there, I noticed the driver in front of me tapping his steering wheel impatiently and a car barreling from behind before coming to a stop inches from my back bumper. She looked pretty miffed at sitting still on a state highway as well.

As I awaited cars to pass in the opposite lane, I noticed a cow sitting in the mud just chewing the cud, staring at us poor, stranded motorists. Its head darted slowly from car to car, its mouth just chewing away.

Now, I’m no expert on cows and I certainly don’t profess to know what was going on in that cow’s mind. Perhaps it was just a blank stare in a simple mind.

But it got me to thinking. If I was that cow I would have been amused at the antics of the drivers. I would have wondered what was so important that would make them so impatient. If I could, I would tell them to chill and enjoy the scenery — me.

Now, I’m glad I was created a human with the ability to think and muse and imagine. But, you know, being a cow doesn’t seem like a bad second choice. After all, she was cooling off in the mud on a hot, steamy day, just living the simple life … and people watching.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A committee meeting is usually an orderly way of not doing anything.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Mind of a Cow

  1. colorstorm98 says:

    Yes, would to God I was more like a cow. Taking something in; bringing it back up for further consideration. We can come to false conclusions about matters because we haven’t chewed the cud as it were. And their personality? Docile, unassuming, do not need to be noticed or have the biggest mouths.

    Thick skin, do not get rattled or offended easily.

    Would to God I was more like a cow


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