Kids Will Be … Kids

Kids — or in my case, grandkids — sure are amusing. Their spontaneity and imagination is amaaazing.

A couple of weeks ago, my resident grandkids spent the night at their Grandma’s. They had the next day off from school, but Grandma had to go to work. So she dropped them back home around 6:30 in the morning — with every one else in the house sound asleep.

That doesn’t bother me. If I’m asleep, the house could explode around me and I wouldn’t wake up {unless I hear birds chirping, but that’s a different story}.

Apparently, however, grandson went into Mom and Dad’s room and woke them up.

My routine is generally to wake up around 7, make some coffee, and check my e-mails and Facebook. So I’m sitting in my recliner when Son and Grandson have a conversation in the hallway. “You woke us up for that?” was all I heard.

A little while later, Mom started reading Grandson the riot act about being awakened. I sort of smiled as I though about the times Karen and I had those same conversations with our five kids when we were awakened or, ah, interrupted.

Last summer when I visited my two grandsons in Massachusetts I had this conversation. It’s raining and we’re getting ready to go out for dinner. Timmy says, “You’re going to get wet” and I, of course, answer, “So.” He comes back with, “Old people like you can melt in the rain.”

timmyDuring that same trip, I had this conversation. I had a blood blister on my toe that had drained and was now peeling. Grandson Timmy says, “Why is you foot peeling?” Grandson DJ responds, “Grandpa is getting older and he’s decomposing faster.”

Of course, I can’t keep up with Ohio grandson Gavin in person, but his Mom keeps me entertained with interesting repartee like these. Mom: “Wash your face. Wash your hands. Brush your teeth.” Gavin: “My face isn’t dirty.” Mom: “Yes it is.” Gavin: “These are freckles. Let me tell you something … you get freckles when you get older. And I’m going to be 6!”

gavin2Or this, Gavin decided he would be a dog today. He happily followed Champ {their dog} around on all fours, laid on his tummy, rolled over to be scratched … the whole bit. Mom even caught him taking a break at the dog’s water dish {gross, her point, not mine} and said, “Gavin, get away from the dog’s dish!” To which he replied, “But I’m a dog. I mean – woof, woof-woof!”

It’s not just my grandkids. I went to the pharmacy the other day to pick up a prescription. A young mother came in with an obviously under-the-weather little girl in her arm and a little boy holding her hand. As I was signing the receipt, the little girl says, “Mommy. That’s Santa Claus.” Now I’ve heard that before … more than once with my rotund look, more sale than pepper hair and snow white full beard. I even had my reading glasses on when I turned around with a smile. Mom mouthed “I’m sorry,” but I played along and asked the little girl if she was being a good girl. She promptly told me her first, middle and last name {to Mom’s chagrin}, looked a Mom and said, “Yes, I am.” I told her to keep on being a good little girl and I would see her in December. End of story? No, the quiet five or six year old boy looked at his Mom and said, “Wait till I tell the kids at school I saw the real Santa Claus!”

But, back to the live-in grandkids. The wake up incident lingered all day and was a topic of discussion at the dinner table. The big question was why. I just figured Grandma may have been a little heavy with the sugar and light on sleep. Little Jay reached into his never-ending bag of excuses. He just wanted to pet the dog. He was just checking to see if they were sleeping. He wanted to let them know he was home.

The truth. He learned how to make a paper Ninja star.

I mean. How can you not laugh?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.

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2 Responses to Kids Will Be … Kids

  1. Jay says:

    Alright looking back it is and was funny, but at 630 in the morning I could have killed the kid lol


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