Wednesday Writing XIII

Well, it’s Wednesday so it’s time to add to our collaborative community story.

We’re following a flashback of our main character, Samantha. The story thus far is on the blog under “Story.”

Here’s where we left off.

Tuesday, Chad headed to Ohio and I went back home …

I was adamant about moving to Dayton and immediately started making plans. I went to my guidance counselor who worked with me to find another school in Ohio … Wright State University. My credits and clinical time could be transferred.

I also learned a lot about being a military wife. While we were 99% certain Chad would be assigned to Wright-Patterson, we didn’t expect him to leave for Commissioned Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama for a month. His mom, dad, brother and I flew down for his graduation, and the two of us drove back to Dayton so we could do some “apartment hunting.” We found a nice little attic apartment just outside of the city … just in time for me to rush home, pack up necessities, return and get ready for my final year in college. It was a wild August.

Mom, of course, was livid. In fact, before I headed to Alabama, we had one of our traditional battles. How could I do this. Why am I shutting her out. What about a church wedding. Don’t I care about anyone but myself.

The two weeks softened her — a little. But she stubbornly insisted we have a church wedding. Chad and I had talked about it and really were content with what we did, but we did agree to a small gathering for family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend.

When I got back home, I relayed the information to Mom. But I also told her it was going to be small and simple and Chad and I were just going to show up. We really felt we would be too busy to plan a formal wedding.

She thought for a minute and agreed. She contacted the church, planned the reception, sent out the invitations. All we had to worry about was the wedding party and showing up. Surprise, we ended up with a small, intimate wedding with over 250 guests! Mom kind of got carried away … although in retrospect, it did turn out well. Of course, she couldn’t let my decision to wear my original wedding dress go without criticism.

Our first “home” was a three-room attic apartment, just big enough for the two of us. We learned so much there — about each other, about ourselves, about life in general. Chad learned a new language — womanspeak — and expanded his vocabulary with words like “period,” “PMS” and “cramps.” He discovered Midol was a real product with a real purpose and uncovered the true meaning of mood swings — didn’t understand them, mind you, but quickly recognized their existence. He learned what not to say (usually after it was too late and his foot was firmly inserted in his mouth) and always to put the toilet seat down. He learned the difference between the playful and light “Chad,” the are you kidding “Chaaaad” and the very serious “Chadwick.”

I taught him how to eat leftovers and we actually built up a tolerance for 1,000 recipes with Spam. Spam and Beans with Maple Syrup was his favorite.

Chad introduced me to sleeping with the window open — even in the dead of winter — and the pure exhilarating pleasure of waking up with snow on your nose … going to Dairy Queen during a blizzard … sleeping in the nude (although I never bought into that one) … and shopping and doing laundry at three in the morning.

We learned about budgeting, meal planning, bill paying, stretching paychecks, entertaining ourselves, sale searching, coupon clipping, naps, afternoon delight and just plain old relaxing.

We managed to do a lot together despite our crazy schedules … always starting with a cup of coffee in the morning when we could and ending with us tucking each other in at night. We were very happy and comfortable in that little three-room apartment…

There you go, readers. What’s next?  Did the honeymoon last?

All you have to do is put down your thoughts and get them to me. You can post your ideas as comments on the blog – but remember everyone will see them, so the “surprise” factor might get lost – or you can e-mail me directly at Each Wednesday I will continue the story on the blog, along with that week’s attribution and periodically update Reveille/Between the Lakes readers. The complete story thus far is available on the blog under “Story.”

I hope we can have some fun with this.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Dreams come true. Prayers are answered. God is good.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Writing XIII

  1. Cathy says:

    Enjoyed reading it. I’m hooked into reading it now. Maybe there’s a break in the honeymoon depending upon Chad’s assignment and misunderstandings that occur from the assignment situation.

  2. Cathy says:

    True, and it seems to be flowing well when I read it. Only thing that was “jarring” to me was the spam recipes. Definitely funny, and makes sense though. Just the high “ick” factor, maybe circa 1977, now it might be chicken.

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