Wednesday Writing XI

Well, it’s Wednesday and time to add to our collaborative community story .

We’re following a flashback of our main character, Samantha.

Here’s where we left off.

… And then came Chad …

Chapter Three
I first met Chad at, where else, a club.
Bernie, Betty, Lynn and I decided to have a girls night out to celebrate. It didn’t matter what we were celebrating, but it was Betty’s return from Miami and Lynn’s (May 16) and my (June 20) 19th birthdays. So we headed into the city (New York’s drinking age was 18) to let our hair down and have some fun.
I spotted Chad as I walked in the door, although I had never seen him before. He was sitting at a corner table and our eyes met for a brief moment. I quickly turned away to giggle with the girls about the eye candy.
We settled in at a table near the dance floor and ordered a round. We were surveying the club, bobbing to the Four Seasons’ Oh, What a Night, when Jimmy came over and asked me to dance. I never said no to a dance so off we went to the dance floor.
What happened next, though, caught me off guard. While we were dancing he asked me if I saw the guy in the corner … yeah, Chad. He said he would like to meet me, but was too much of a dunderhead to ask.
I stopped in my tracks
“I’ll introduce you if you want. He’s really a nice guy, just a little on the shy side.”
I thought about it for a second or so and asked Jimmy if he was serious.
“Yeah. Yeah. If you introduce me to the girls at your table, I’ll introduce you to Chad.”
Sensing a challenge, I agreed and we went back to our table so I could get my drink. I told the girls I’d be right back, but Jimmy would keep them company while I was gone.
We got to Chad’s table. He stood up — man, he was even better looking up close with sandy blonde hair, brown eyes with flecks of green, a rugged face with a hint of a five o’clock shadow and the physique of a Greek god — somewhat surprised to see me with Jimmy. He shook my hand and said, “Hi. I’m Chad and you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in here tonight.”
All I could blurt out was, “Sam.”
Jimmy made a quick exit back to my girls and I sat down to chat with Chad.
The bar maid arrived and asked if we wanted anything. “I’ll have what he’s having,” I said, and Chad told her another Coke — “I’m the designated driver.”
“So am I,” I laughed, although the Coke I brought from my table may have had a little Bacardi in it.
There we sat — for about the next four hours — just talking (except for a few bathroom/update breaks with the girls). He just completed his junior year studying engineering at nearby Manhattan College. He was also from northern New Jersey, although he had an apartment with three other Manhattan students in The Bronx, including Jimmy. He was open and appeared to be honest. He didn’t talk much about himself, but wanted to know about me. And he listened. I know because he would occasionally bring up something I mentioned earlier in our conversation. And he seemed to love moving my hair from my eyes after a laugh.
It was the first time in my life I felt so much at ease with a guy.
A little after midnight, the girls started getting a little rowdy, so I told him I should probably get them home. “Okay, I’ll walk you out to your car.”
He held my hand as we walked to the parking lot. I gave the girls the keys so they could get settled in. We got to the car and he said, “This was fun. I’m so glad I got a chance to meet you.”
And he surprised me again. I was expecting a kiss, but instead he brushed back my hair and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then he whispered in my ear, “Can I call you sometime?”
“Sure,” was all I could muster as I reached into the giggling car to give him my number. Bernie already had it written down and handed it to me. I gave it to Chad … and he kissed me …

There you go, readers. What’s next with Chad? Is he Mr. Right or just another cad? What’s his story? What’s next with their relationship, story? Again, girls, we can use your input! Dig back to your memory {or fantasy} of growing up as a 19 year old.

All you have to do is put down your thoughts and get them to me. You can post your ideas as comments on the blog – but remember everyone will see them, so the “surprise” factor might get lost – or you can e-mail me directly at Each Wednesday I will continue the story on the blog, along with that week’s attribution and periodically update Reveille/Between the Lakes readers. The complete story thus far is available on the blog under “Story.”

I hope we can have some fun with this.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great.

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