All I Want for Christmas

As I’ve stated before, I am an Internet radio listener junkie. While working, I’ll find a station at as background music. In the car, I’ll often listen to iHeartRadio. And rarely do I listen to local broadcasts. At I’m in Ohio. In the car I’m in Arkansas.

I listen this way to find out what’s going outside my area. The news is always more interesting, even if it’s the same stories with different names. The ads are more entertaining. The play lists are more diverse.

That’s what I’m talking about today.

One thing I noticed was the number of stations playing Christmas music … not just Christmas music but special aps with all Christmas music. That’s okay, but not before Thanksgiving. In the week before turkey day I actually skipped right past those stations dedicating their airwaves to all Christmas music or getting [insert market here] in the holiday spirit. But after Thanksgiving, I would succumb to the seasonal audio fare and listen.

Which brings me to the point. One station in Ohio played nothing but Christmas music for the entire 10 hours I listened. It wasn’t so bad, EXCEPT the station has a two hour play loop. By the end of the night I could tell you what song was coming next! Come on … if you’re going to dedicate time for Christmas music at least have an extended play list! I mean, there must be, what, a couple of thousand Christmas songs out there! Why limit the smorgasbord to 40 or so? And not even Top 40 or so but some nondescript list.

Another experience was in the car. There I’m listening to Fort Smith, AR, music. Not one, but two stations billed themselves as offering the special Sounds of the Season. Not one in a market but two? I know it’s the second largest city in Arkansas, but the population is just 86,209. I realize it is the principal city of the Fort Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Area, but even that reach is a region of 298,592. Do they really need a choice of Christmas stations?

If I had my druthers, I would start Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, maybe one out of every five songs … then about a week later migrate to one in four, then one in three, then every other song with all Christmas starting around Christmas Eve.

As much as I enjoy Christmas music, it’s little wonder by the time Christmas gets here, we’re all Christmased out. Maybe Karen was right. July is the best time to listen to the Yule tunes.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Darkness never likes the light, but don’t worry about it. Light will always overtake the darkness. Just keep shining. Keep smiling. Hold on to your happiness and your joy.

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