Happy, Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I wish I could find a new way
To say “I love you.”
I’m afraid if I say those words too much,
They will begin to lose
Part of their meaning.
But I don’t know any other way
To tell you how very much
I care about you.
So, until I find a new way to say it,
You’ll just have to remember
That when I say “I love you,”
I mean so many things, so much more
Than three little words can ever say.
I love you.

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this blog. While writing, True Love started playing. That, of course, was our “first dance” song … and it affirmed these words.

Karen would have turned 65 today, and I don’t think it would have bothered her a bit. It would have been a quiet celebration, probably just the two of us, the quiet punctuated periodically throughout the day with phone calls from the kids. Since it is a production day, the chances are we would have had a quick supper with a more formal celebration coming this weekend.

Over the years, birthdays came and birthdays went. I certainly would have gotten her flowers {in fact I did again this year} and a couple of birthday cards … one heartfelt and the other more whimsical. I would have gotten her a present, like perfume or earrings. I would have made arrangements to take her someplace special, like a concert or football game. And we certainly would have made plans for either a special dinner at home {cooked by yours truly} or at a better than average restaurant {plated by a professional chef}. And I would have told her a hundred times {okay, maybe not a hundred, but a lot} how much I loved her. Love, like in respected and appreciated and unfailing.

To be honest, this isn’t the celebration I imagined. I expected us to celebrate 65 and 70 and 75 and beyond with the same youthful zest we had at 21. In those intervening years, we planned, schemed, loved, laughed, cried and dreamt big. And it was our love that held it all together.

She was looking forward to retirement. We had even talked about it many times. In fact, shortly before she got sick, I asked her where she wanted to retire to. She thought for a couple of days and informed me Maine would be her choice. She had never been to the state, but bypassed all other 49 states and chose Maine.

We seriously started making inquiries and Internet house hunting in the Pine Tree State. She even found a realtor! Unfortunately, she became too sick and never made the trip to Maine … although I still keep the hope alive. I’ve been there a number of times since she died, both visiting and house hunting. Sight unseen, she knew Maine was “the way life should be.” Some day we will get there.

Sweetheart, I’ve picked out boring movies … and cruddy TV shows. I’ve picked out simply ugly ties and really funny clothes. I’ve picked out awful restaurants and tasteless wines for dinner. But when it comes to picking wives, I sure picked a winner!

With all my love, Happy, Happy Birthday … For all our yesterdays … Today … and throughout Eternity.


THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Relationships don’t end.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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3 Responses to Happy, Happy Birthday Sweetheart

  1. Cindy says:

    Joe, This has to be the nicest thing ever written. It touches my heart. Thank you for sharing…..


  2. seakist says:

    This is so beautiful, it has tears rolling down my face. I will definitely share this with my husband.


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