Keeping My Secrets

This review by Deanna Kohlhofer first appeared in the Reveille/Between the Lakes

Memories – we all have them. Some more than others … but we all have them. We have memories we choose to “forget” and others we cherish. Some we remember fondly with smiles and giggles while others turn our tummies into a butterfly convention.

Keeping My Secrets is a book about one woman’s memories. In her short book, Marilynn Arkerson chronicles the stories that shaped who she has become. As with any of us, there are bad choices and heartache. There are secrets and stolen innocence. There is anger and rebellion.

But this is not the focus of the book. Bursting forth page after page is love, grace and forgiveness. Marilynn Arkerson gets it. Healing is brought forth only in conjunction with these things.

What I liked about this book is the fact the author not only recounted the details of her life, but she connected the dots. She pieced together the events of her life and found her story within the bigger story.

“I looked back at all these years of lessons learned, all the hurt that life installs upon you, all the lost friends and loves and I finally got it. This plan that the Almighty Lord has for us, carries many things for us to hold in our hearts and minds. Some are sweet-smelling roses and others are dark hurtful stings.”

If you had to write a book about your life, would you recognize God’s hand in the events that shape who you are?

Kohlhofer is a contributor to the Reveille/Between the Lakes and has her own blog at and recently wrote her own e-book, What’s Your Story?

Keeping My Secrets: But Not From Him – He Is All-Knowing, Self-published by WestBow Press, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson Publishing, ISBN 978-1-4497-2042-1 (soft cover), ISBN 978-1-4497-2060-5 (hard cover)

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Choose your battles wisely.


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