Okay. Okay. Here’s the scoop on cartoons.

My personal fascination with cartoons goes back to my boyhood. I would check the box scores in the paper and flip directly to the comics — known back than as the “funnies.” Even today, I scan the headlines and go directly to the comics, although they don’t seem as funny as they once were.

The natural extension to all that is sharing the tummy ticklers with others. As I told you, every week I send out a postcard to my family and special friends with a cartoon and a little nugget of homespun truth. And for years, I placed a cartoon on the table for Karen to read with her morning coffee. I still bring her one each day {pretty macabre, huh} and read it to her. This morning’s was a father helping his son with his homework. He tells the lad, “Name three of the Great Lakes.” In frame two and three you see the boy struggling and finally, in the last frame, he blurts out, “Can I tell you two Great Lakes and a Not-So-Great Lake?”

I honestly don’t remember exactly when the cartoon tradition started, although I do remember it being in Illinois in the mid 80s {wow, that’s a long time!}. I couldn’t tell you the first shared cartoon, but I remember Karen laughing out loud over her coffee that morning and I remember thinking if that was all it took to brighten her day, cartoons were worth sharing. And thus a tradition was born.

I don’t think I missed many days over the years. If I knew I was going to be out of town — like during transitions — I always left a series of cartoons for her, all dated. And if I missed a morning because of something unexpected, I always made it up.

Hagar and Helga were her favorites. Those Vikings always brought — and bring — humor to age-old relationships and life’s challenges. She commented to me in her final letter, “I would always give you a hard time about your cartoons and jokes, but truth be known they were the bright spot in my day. If I got up for coffee in the morning and there was no cartoon on the table, I didn’t know what to do!”

She added, “Through the years your sense of humor has seen me through so much. You managed to make me smile at times I only wanted to throw something at you.” Sometimes that smile was on the inside.

Karen got even with me though. She has a whole bag of “keepers” for me to go through … not a little bag but a BIG bag! And as I went through her Bibles, other books, notepads and drawers I constantly came up with more “keepers.”

When you think back on it, sometimes it’s the little things in life that have the biggest impact.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Use your energy to improve your skills, to be the best you can be.


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4 Responses to Cartoons

  1. David Sorensen says:

    Best lead ever.

    Rock on man.

  2. Deanna says:

    I always loved the cartoons you left for mom. I thought it was so sweet. You are right – the little things have the biggest impact on people.

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