The game of life

I was looking forward to watching Monday Night Football. My Packers were squaring off against Seattle. I had the wings. I had the beer. I — and most football fans around the country of any stripe — ended with indigestion.

That final call — along with the countless other wrong calls, missed calls and blown calls throughout not only this game but all weekend — defies explanation. The substitute referees are not getting better … they are getting worse. They made the call because neither referee was on top of the play, but trailed it by a real time second or two.

It irritated me to the point I stayed up much too late listening to others commiserating.

The fact is the Packers should have won. But the other facts are the Packers should never have been in that position. They didn’t get it done, while Seattle came out smoking with a fire in their bellies. They did get it done.

Well, about 2 a.m., I “recognized” a parallel in life. We’ve all been through the confusion … the missed calls … the dropped balls … at the mercy of an outside force. That, my friends, is called life.

It becomes what we do with the disappointments. Do we become victims? Or do we keep plugging along?

I can think of countless times it appeared some outside force derailed my journey, but when I think back — honestly — that outside force was there because of something I either did or didn’t do.  Maybe I spent too much and got caught with an unexpected bill. Or I slacked off on my prayer time and found myself treading water in the cesspools of life. Or I didn’t take of myself physically and got sick.

I’m glad I’m grounded in a faith that allows me to move on, to put the mistakes of yesterday behind me.

I wish the refs had gotten it right. But Sunday is another day. I’ll get the wings or some other fare. I’ll have a beer. I’ll root for the Pack. And win or lose, I’ll keep plugging along.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You are living in tomorrow’s good old days.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to The game of life

  1. Deanna says:

    So true…so true! A wise daddy told me once {or twice…or a hundred times}, “We have to take responsibility for our actions.”

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