Have I got a deal for you …

Commercials. You’ve got to love them.

Now, I realize the intent is to sell you and me something, but they really don’t have to insult our intelligence to do it.

Let me give you some examples.

The Toyota commercials where people slide from the living room into the show room and the car slides from the sales lot to the driveway. The point — now is the time to buy. Okay, but do they really need the scrawl telling us the movement isn’t real? Don’t they think we can figure that out? Do they think we’ll return the car because it doesn’t slide sideways?

Automotive advertising sort of, well, teases us. You’ll never see a “basic” package being pitched, but one with all the gizmos available … some of which you have no clue what they do.

And those gizmos … I mean they are literally computers at your fingertips. You can hook up with navigation, alternate routes, weather, sports and stocks, voice recognition and Bluetooth. You can even passively park your car. When do you actually drive your car? It’s become more of an entertainment cockpit. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble navigating my smart phone while I’m standing still. I can only imagine the fun I could have at 60 mph.

And those prices … I mean they routinely point out high end leases in the $500 per month range (or more!) and prices over $50,000. I didn’t pay that much for my first house.

High end car commercials are the best. Can you imagine someone driving their Mercedes or Acura or Lexis or Land Rover or Cadillac backwards or with hard braking or off road or some other insane “professional driver on a closed course” antic? Better yet, with all the onboard sensors, can you imagine the reaction when you bring the car in for service? Say bye bye to your warranty.

And then you have auto insurance. If you can believe the pitches, you can save hundreds over the competitors. I wonder why my insurance keeps going up.

And then you have smart phones. In my neck of the woods, I’m lucky to complete a call let alone worry about 3G or even 4G. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure those in the commercials can text, search and watch videos in 30 seconds only because their batteries will be dead in 60. My phone is almost permanently plugged in … sort of a portable land line.

I could go on and on — Why do we allow pharmaceutical advertising when we can’t prescribe medication? Why does Cialis feature two bathtubs? How does that Coors train find tracks? Do you find those “little bit of luck“ guys creepy? — but you get the point.

What about you? What commercials leave you scratching your head?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Wherever you are, know God has put you there for a reason.


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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Have I got a deal for you …

  1. Cathy Marcuccilli says:

    Interesting blog post. Would like to say that I use TiVo to eliminate commercials, but I’ve never purchased TiVo and am not currently planning on buying it. I think it’s a great solution though for watching commercial television, and eliminating commercials, while controlling when you watch your favorite shows. Of course, it wouldn’t work well for news programs. Currently, I minimize my t.v. time and then watch the Superbowl for the commercials. I mostly agree with your points about commercials.Somewhat ironically, I’m usually not interested in high end cars, because I paid way more than $50,000 for my first house. Your thought to remember is one I’ve finally accepted. I’ve heard that thought before and only recently have stopped rebelling against it; and am now at the point of scratching my head, wondering what the reason is.

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