Peace Lily Renaissance

I pulled into the back lot at my florist this morning, walked in and picked a white and coral rose from the cooler. It’s been a Saturday tradition for the past four years. I put it on the counter and it hit me … I had forgotten to bring a peace lily in for re-potting.

Now, that’s not the end of the world, but it visibly jarred me, to the point the clerks noticed something was definitely amiss.

To bring you up to speed, the peace lily was sent in memory of my Dad who died a couple of months ago. I brought it home with me and have managed to keep it alive. Of course, it’s pretty hard to kill a peace lily. The flowers and leaves will wilt, but a quick rehydration brings those stalks back to their stately stature.

But it is time to re-pot, get it out of its plastic urn and into something more appropriate.

The girls asked me what color scheme I preferred.

Color scheme? From a guy who wears whatever is next in his closet? {ask my kids}

I told them to use their imagination.

Then they suggested possibly a fish bowl, complete with a beta fish.

Hmm. That sounds intriguing. I never had fish before. It could be an interesting twist.

Again I told them to use their imagination.

I’ll keep you posted. Who knows where their imagination will take me.

So I have to stop back at the florist Monday. Hopefully, I’ll remember to bring the peace lily with me this time.


THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: It’s liberating when you understand you don’t have to give away your joy.

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