It’s Time To Cook

Karen would have loved Facebook and blogging. Sure, she was plugged in to the Internet, but the social media would have been her friend.

Now, there is a lot of mis-information and drivel out there. But there are many interesting sites that would have been right up her alley. Specifically, faith-based blogs and recipes … luscious, appetizing recipes.

She certainly would have become BFFs with Christine at Texana’s Kitchen ( I would have had to suffer as the “taste tester” for such fare as Double Chocolate Millionaire’s Shortbread ( or Banana & Walnut Cake With Rum Syrup Drizzle ( She certainly would have tried making pies in jar ( and Taco Puffs ( She would have relished looking at thousands of recipe websites on Word Press and the millions just out there on the Internet. She would have liked those sites featuring homemakers or with a Christian perspective.

Those two topics — faith and food — were high on her list. And she took both seriously.

When it came to recipes, Karen was not a schooled chef, but a tried-and-true kitchen experimentor. The kitchen didn’t intimidate her and she wasn’t afraid to tweak recipes here and there. She learned her way around the cupboard, stove and oven from her grandmother with added help from my grandmother.

She helped bring cooks together with a four-year, award winning run as food editor at the Belvidere (IL) Daily Republican, then converted a 1950s motel stay into a bed and breakfast experience in New York. In between, she published her own Christian magazine, Manna {catch the food connection} and helped create the Junior Chronicle in Toledo.

She tried to “teach” her “pinch of this” technique to the kids. The boys were quick learners, but it took the girls a little longer to find their way — and confidence — around the kitchen. They have caught up … and have been tapping into her extensive library of cookbooks, cooking magazines and loose recipes.

She would have been proud … and my mouth is watering.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Keep your fears to yourself. Share you courage with others.

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2 Responses to It’s Time To Cook

  1. TamrahJo says:

    Food feeds our flesh and faith feeds our soul – – – not surprising she excelled in feeding both –

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