Five Minute Friday — After

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. You might remember the task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word.

The initiative was started by Lisa-Jo Baker ( who thought about writing and how often our perfectionism gets in the way of our words. And she figured, why not take five minutes and see what comes out: not a perfect post, not a profound post, just five minutes of focused writing.

There are a couple hundred bloggers who pause to post on the prompt word of the week. It’s fun getting the prompt, thinking about it for a couple of minutes and getting to work producing something readable (you hope) in just five minutes. You should link over and read some of the posts. They don’t disappoint.

The prompt this week is AFTER.

Here goes. The timer is set for five minutes {clock starts now}

My first thought or image was of Spencer Tracy sitting in his arm chair after marrying off his daughter in Father of the Bride. His tuxedo tie is loosen and the living room is in shambles. He looks at Joan Bennett and says something like, “Well, Kitten, we did it.”

It started me thinking about after any event, knowing the pressure was off.

Our wedding was the same. I can’t tell you much about the preparations — mainly because I was a passive participant — but I can remember minute details about the wedding itself and especially afterwards.

I can see my wife smiling as she held each of our newborns after giving birth, completely oblivious to the uncomfortable pregnancies and the pain and tumult of birth.

I can remember the birthday parties and weddings and sitting back, like old Spencer Tracy, after the event knowing it … STOP

either all came together or we got through it.

And without being maudlin, I can imagine the moment after life’s struggles and trials are over, standing before my Lord in the presence of family and friends who have gone before me and hear Him say, Well done, good and faithful servant.

It’s amazing how little time five minutes actually is!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You are successful when people tell you you are a lot smarter than you are.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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9 Responses to Five Minute Friday — After

  1. kbaesen says:

    Hey! Just stopping by from FMF! So true about the feelings after the wonderful events of our lives. 🙂


    • Hindsight is wonderful. We often can see with 20-20 clarity why things developed they way they did … something we can’t do while our vision is clouded with to do lists. Liked your post as well, especially the point about watching our dreams die to allow for better God-given dreams. FMF has been a great way to share experiences!


  2. jerralea says:

    Great post! I love that moment after an event, too, and the relief that you feel. And I hadn’t thought about the moment after my babies were born, but you are right, that is definitely more special AFTER!


  3. Lili says:

    It is such a beautiful thing, this after. We wring our hands in the during, so often forgetting our faith, forgetting the peace, worry worry, strive… it all comes out in the end. If only we could see the after! God always has a better after than we ever expect, though. I loved your post. Amd that timer gets me too!


  4. Patty Mejia Burke says:

    Loved your post, especially the “well done, good and faithful servant”

    We all hope to hear that!



  5. We’re on a road trip looking at awesome blogs. Flatliners stopped by! Thanks for having us 🙂


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