More Babies

As promised, another grandchild joined the human race rank and file this afternoon (March 18), just the latest of God’s gift of promise to us.

colinWelcome to the world Colin Joseph Biery, my newest grandson. God shared him with us at 1:30 this afternoon, weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces, and stretching 20 inches. Colin, Mom and Dad and brother Anthony were on hand to greet the little tyke along with yours truly, and sisters Gabriella and Kaydance can’t wait for their introduction, although Ella is a little under the weather and Kady will probably follow.

This is actually grandchild No. 17, but, as I said last month, the novelty never wears off. And I still have great-grandchild No. 1 due in July. The names may change, but the experience never gets old or routine.

As I was sitting in the birthing room watching my daughter strain through the final stages of labor, my mind flashed back to the days she and her siblings were born.

I was there for four of the five births {birthing rooms weren’t available for No. 1 son}, actively participating … keeping Karen calm and focused … helping her with her breathing … encouraging her all the way through transition and birth.

This time, I was a bystander sitting in the corner, watching as the next generation took over. Doug was there holding Nicolle’s hand, keeping her calm and focused … helping her with her breathing … encouraging her through transition and birth. I didn’t have to do any of the work — just enjoy the experience and marvel at the miracle of birth.

I actually hadn’t planned to be in the birthing room. But the doctor came in shortly after I arrived and said Nicolle had dilated 5 cm. I know my girls — starting with Karen. It wasn’t going to be long. And it wasn’t. Less than an hour later, Colin pushed out his head and was rearing to get on with his life.

Thus far, he seems quite content in his new surroundings. I think he’s already picked up his grandfather’s habit of taking frequent cat naps {although I call them power naps}.

As I alluded above, children are a gift from God … whatever the circumstances. They are a promise of the future, linking the past with the present. If you believe God is the author of life, you have to believe He has a plan. Colin is His latest plan.

It’s hard to imagine an only child like me and a two-child family like Karen’s could produce five of our own and now 17 grandchildren and a great-grandchild. We have been blessed … maybe not in material ways, but knowing our God has entrusted this family with care of His own. My only regret is Karen is not here physically to relish this moment. I felt her spirit in the room, however.

With each of my children, I lifted them up to God in thanksgiving. With each of my grandchildren, I did the same. To Colin I utter the identical prayer. Lord, I thank you for this gift. Give my children the same strength and wisdom You blessed me with to raise him as Your special child, with potential and possibilities way beyond their belief. They will not be perfect and neither was I. He will not be perfect and neither were they. But, let us all remember whose child he is … Yours. May Colin grow as a reflection of the One who made him all the days of his life.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A good idea that is shared with others will live forever.

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4 Responses to More Babies

  1. toni morgan jenne says:

    How beautiful it was to read this. Felt like I was there.


  2. Heather Mertens - 40YearWanderer says:

    It touches deeply my heart to think on these precious gifts we call ours. It is the children, those which we are given to care for and teach of the Lord’s love, that show His love in action. Praise to God for this newest addition. 🙂


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